I’m such a sucker for Vintage Botanical Prints.
In my ideal world, I have them splattered around my home in every form possible.
These Tropical Vintage Botanical Prints, for example, are now a part of my home office and I absolutely adore them!
A few weeks ago, I also turned my favorite Vintage Bird Illustrations into Bullet Journal Stickers to use in my weekly spread.

So if you’re anything like me and love the Vintage illustration style – these Prints are perfect for you!
They will look great in every room of the house, but in my humble opinion, they would look best in a dining room or kitchen.
They also perfectly complement any home with a Farmhouse – or eclectic style.
You can choose between 6 gorgeous Illustrations: (But, you can also download all of them of course.)

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I promise it’ll be fun for you!

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I really hope you will enjoy this set of 6 gorgeous Tropical Illustrations as much as I do.
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Save for later! ♥︎

I’m sorry for this, but I have to include a bit of legal talk:
Because of the high risk of misuse and the spreading of my work for non-personal purposes, I can’t offer the download link to the specific Printable on this page.
Creating Printables takes a lot of time and I wouldn’t be able to offer Printables for free this way.
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I don’t want to force you to subscribe to my newsletter if you don’t want to.

Hello there!

It’s so great you are here!
Have fun and leave a comment if you have any questions.

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